Cheese Highly Similar to Cheddar — Colby, Gouda, and More

Do you love cheddar cheese? If so, you’ll be happy to know that many types of cheese are similar to cheddar.

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Colby and gouda have a similar flavor and texture to cheddar. They are both great substitutes for cheddar in recipes.

In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of cheese that are similar to cheddar. We will also provide a few healthy substitutes for cheddar cheese.

What cheese is similar to white cheddar?

White cheddar is a type of cheddar cheese that has a mild flavor and slightly crumbly texture. Unlike yellow cheddar, white cheddar is somewhat off-white or ivory in color.

That’s because there are no coloring agents added (such as beet juice, spice annatto, or oleoresin paprika) in the production of cheddar.

Yes, it’s dyed. Annatto usually adds little to no extra flavor to the cheese. So, yellow and white cheddar are similar.

Below are several types of cheese that are similar to cheddar.


Colby is a type of cheese that has a mild, buttery flavor and slightly crumbly texture. It is a type of cheese that is made in the United States. Colby is ivory in color and can be used as a near-perfect substitute for white cheddar cheese.

It’s also slightly sweeter, typically moister, and melts better than cheddar.

Colby is also a washed-curd cheese like cheddar, but distilled water is added to dilute the whey solution, reduce the acidity, and therefore resulted in a sweeter cheese.

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The other one to consider is Monterey Jack.


Gouda is another type of cheese that is similar to cheddar, but slightly more caramelly and melthy. It is a type of Dutch cheese and it’s less sharp than cheddar but comparable to mild cheddar.

Gouda is usually waxed, and tastes rich and nutty like parmesan. However, it can still work as a good substitute for cheddar cheese in most recipes.

You can use it in dishes like macaroni and cheese, cauliflower cheese, or grilled cheese sandwiches. You can consider adding sour cream to your recipe to add a much-needed tanginess.

You can read more about Cheddar vs Gouda here. The other similar cheese is edam.

What Italian cheese is like cheddar?

Parmesan cheese is a type of Italian cow milk cheese that is similar to cheddar. It has a nutty, intense flavor and it’s one of the most popular types of grated cheese.

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However, it doesn’t melt well, read why. So, if you’re looking for a cheese that is similar to cheddar and will melt better in your recipe, try asiago or mozzarella.

Other (readily available) Italian cheeses to replace cheddar in the United States are asiago, Grana Padano, and romano cheese.

Alternatively, you can try the lesser-known cheese like Bra Tenero Cheese or cantal cheese (France).


Frankly, if you are looking for cheddar-like cheese, try to use the cheeses that are made in the United States. Italian cheese tends to be mild and complex, so you will likely not find the desired sharp punch as in cheddar.

While Swiss-style cheese like Gruyere or gouda are more towards the buttery and caramelly flavor — not exactly like cheddar as well.

The best bet for you is actually to find the cheese made in the United States, such as Monterey Jack, Colby, brick, and other Wisconsin-made cheese. It’s because they likely use a local milk source, pasteurized (most imported cheese are not), production method, and overall more adapted to the American palate.

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