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Just a little background about myself…

As a passionate writer and dedicated meditator, I spend my free time exploring my love of the written word and finding inner peace with my beloved feline companion, Happy, by my side. I launched my blog, DarkCheese, as a side project to share my passion for cheese with others. My background in biotechnology, combined with my love of cheese, inspired me to merge the two and create this unique platform. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via the contact link provided below. Additionally, I am also the owner of a few other websites. My LinkedIn.

Meet My Cutie Cat “Happy”

Happy the cat

Meet Happy, my beloved feline companion. She may be a little neurotic and introverted, with a fear of just about everything, including other cats and cleaning robots. Despite her timid nature, Happy has a big heart and has been a constant source of comfort and companionship since she was born in 2020 around Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, she was abandoned by her mother as a feral kitten, but she was soon after taken in and loved by her human dad. Despite her rough start in life, Happy has found a loving home and brings joy to those around her.

Just chilling on the couch

Happy is a beloved member of my household, often found lounging comfortably on the sofa. Despite her shy and timid nature, she is incredibly cute and lovable. I named her Happy because when she was a kitten she always looked sad and was often bullied by other cats. But now, she has grown into a confident and happy cat. Don’t worry, she’s much better now!

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