Which is Better: Asiago or Cheddar?

Last Updated on November 5, 2022 by Aaron

Not sure about cheddar or asiago? They both taste great! Let’s take a look at these two types of cheese in more detail.

Are they the same?

Asiago and cheddar are not the same. While they share some similarities, there are key differences between the two.

Cheddar is a cow’s milk cheese, originating from England. It has a much sharper flavor than Asiago, and it also melts better. Asiago is sweeter and nuttier, with a more mellow flavor. Additionally, Asiago has a grainy texture, while cheddar is smooth.

Asiago is also a cow’s milk cheese, originally from Italy. Some describe the flavor as being similar to that of Parmesan, but not nearly as sharp.

Cheddar is also slightly harder than Asiago, while asiago is more springy. Cheddar has a more versatile use, as it can be served on its own or melted onto other foods.

What are the types?

Asiago comes in many different varieties. Aged Asiago tastes similar to cheddar, with a sharp flavor and smooth texture. This type of Asiago is best used for cooking. Young Asiago has an almost sweet flavor, and it goes well with fruits. It is smooth in texture, not grainy like aged Asiago.

Asiago also comes in black pepper, garlic, jalapeno, sundried tomato, and white truffle varieties!

Typically cheddar is made into several different types based on strength. Mild cheddar has a creamy, buttery texture and – mild flavor. It is perfect for cooking or grilling. Sharp cheddar has a firmer texture but maintains that smooth flavor profile and a more developed taste. It is perfect for sandwiches. Extra sharp cheddar has the strongest flavor and the firmest texture, making it great for shredding or crumbles.

Cheddar can also be smoked and comes in chipotle and jalapeno flavors.


Cheddar production has an additional step called cheddaring, where expels more whey to acidify the curd further (1). For asiago, the curds are hydraulically pressed for several hours. Read the full production steps of asiago.

Can you substitute Asiago for Cheddar?

Yes. Cheddar is a good substitute for Asiago in most recipes but doesn’t melt quite the same way. When you are making dishes that call for melted or shredded cheese, cheddar might be your best bet. However, when the cheese plays more of a starring role in a dish (such as in a grilled cheese sandwich), Asiago is probably the better match.

Key Takeaway

Cheddar typically has a sharper flavor than Asiago, so it is best to use cheddar in dishes where you want to really taste the cheese. Cheddar can also be used when you want your dish to have more of a melty texture because Cheddar melts very well.

Asiago, on the other hand, has a more mild flavor and is great for recipes where you want to taste something creamy and nutty. Asiago also goes well with fruits and nuts!

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