The word “Feta” means “slices” in Greek. It’s made out of sheep or goat’s milk, which gives it a signature tangy taste.

Feta vs. Cream Cheese

Is cream cheese a cheese? It may not look like one but cream cheese is a legit cheese yes. Feta cheese or cream cheese, which one to use? Well first, they are not the same. They used and served differently. Feta cheese is an aged cheese made from goat, buffalo, cow, and sheep milk, or …

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Provolone OR Feta

Forget American cheese, we have two awesome cheese to talk about here – feta and provolone. Feta is a popular Greek cheese, while provolone is an Italian cheese. They taste absolutely out of the world, but what’s the difference? and which one is actually better? Feta is a Greek cheese made from sheep or goat …

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Does Feta Go Bad? How To Know?

Does your feta cheese go bad? What will happen if you accidentally eat a spoiled one? And most importantly, how to know if feta has gone off? In fact, feta has a natural sour yeastly tang that resembles the feet or vomit for some people. Yes, feta will go bad. Fresh feta smells mildly acidic …

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Is Gorgonzola Good For Keto?

The ketogenic diet is a dietary plan to consume low carbohydrate and high fat food. In other word, a high ratio of fat-to-carb is ideally the best. So, which cheese is good for keto? is gorgonzola compliant? We’ll find out. Gorgonzola is made from unskimmed whole cow’s milk. It contains 25-35% of fat, moderate protein …

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Is Feta High in Histamine?

Histamine Intolerance is a rare medical condition occurs in about 1% of the population, and 80% are middle-aged. Here I have a bad news for all of you cheese lovers, most of the aged hard cheeses such as parmesan or cheddar are contaning a high amount of histamine. For people with histamine intolerance, it’s better …

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