Is mozzarella sticks good for your health?

We all know deep-fried food is not good for health.

What about the mozzarella sticks?

Mozzarella is a dairy product, super healthy snack, and packed with tons of nutrients, including calcium, protein, and loads of minerals and vitamins. But after deep-fried, is that still a healthy snack?

To put it short, deep-fry snacks do more harms than good.

I will explain why below.

Mozzarella sticks — Good or bad? Nutrition wise.

First of all, very few can resist the stringy mozzarella stick.

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If you wanted to make mozzarella stick at home, you will only need a handful of ingredients. The ingredients include egg, mozzarella, flour, seasoning, and breadcrumbs.

Later, you will need to bake or deep-fry them. Baking is for sure much healthier than frying.

Fortunately, deep-fried mozzarella sticks just need to fry for a brief while. See the picture on the right.

However, deep frying will inevitably destroy some of the good nutrients (e.g. protein, enzyme, vitamins).

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So, let’s talk about the nutrition

Let’s put the nutrition data side by side for mozzarella and fried mozzarella stick.

The data is obtained from the USDA. For mozzarella sticks, it’s mainly from two different USDA listed suppliers — Applebee’s and Hy-Vee. The 100g for each of them were compared.

Mozzarella cheese (per 100g)Mozzarella Sticks (per 100g)
Calories248 kcal316 kcal351 kcal
Calcium610 mg319mg405mg
Sodium 685 mg838mg784mg
Vitamin C0.1mg0 mg
Vitamin A1457 IU432 IU541 IU
Vitamin K1µg22.2µg
Saturated fatty acid3.7g6.7g6.8g
Cholesterol0 mg33 mg27 mg

These 2 brands of mozzarella stick gave us a slightly different set of data.

Compare to mozzarella cheese, the mozzarella sticks are usually covering in breadcrumbs, additives, and other ingredients, therefore it explained why the overall higher for fat, cholesterol, sodium, and calories.

Also, the table showed that many of the vital nutrients actually reduced quite a bit in both mozzarella stick brands, such as the riboflavin and vitamins.

It can be explained by the high heat destroyed some of the vitals nutrients, and also the lactose sugar.

If you are concern about the calories in your diet,

the data shows that mozzarella stick is about ~100 kcal higher calories compared to the same amount of mozzarella cheese. Although it doesn’t do too much to harm your health, over-eating can still cause obesity and other heart-related problems.

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Sum up

In comparison to other fried snacks, the mozzarella stick is arguably a better option.

After all, it depends on the size of the serving. The normal recommended serving size for a person is about 3 oz or 86 g, which gives you about 300 kcal in calories. And each stick has a weight of about 1 oz, which is equivalent to about 100 kcal.

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