Can Dogs Eat Provolone?

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Provolone cheese is a popular Italian cheese that is made from cow’s milk. It has a mild milky flavor and a slightly elastic texture. But can dogs eat provolone cheese too?

The answer is yes, but it should be given as an occasional treat or used to conceal pills. It should be lesser than 10% of the total calories needed (1). Provolone is quite beneficial to us, with pros and cons, and to our dogs too because it contains a good amount of protein, calcium, and phosphorus.

Below we will discuss a few things you should know before giving it to your furry friends.

Benefits of Provolone to Dogs

Provolone contains a significant amount of protein, calcium, and phosphorus – all important nutrients for dogs. It helps to build and maintain strong bones, muscles, and teeth. They’re also essential for enzymes, hormones, and antibodies.

In addition, it contains zinc, selenium, and others that can also help improve poor coat condition and digestion (2).

Provolone is also a good source of vitamin A and B12. Vitamin B12 is essential for cell growth and energy production, while vitamin A is important for healthy skin and eyesight.

Dogs need calcium to maintain strong bones and teeth.


Provolone is low in carbohydrates, making it a good choice for dogs who are diabetic or on low-carbohydrate diets.

One thing to note is that provolone cheese contains low levels of lactose. Lactose intolerance is a common problem among dogs, so if your dog has trouble digesting dairy products, provolone cheese may be a good alternative.

Dogs with lactose intolerance have an intake limit of 10mg per 100g of lactose (4), which is equivalent to about 3 mg per slice of provolone. Provolone is in the safe range with 0.6 mg per slice.


However, because provolone is high in fat, especially saturated fat, you should limit your dog’s intake to no more than one or two ounces per day. Too much fat can lead to obesity and other health problems.

Nonetheless, the milk fat might actually be good for your dogs and cats according to the source.

For overweight dogs, you can use low-fat provolone. This type of cheese contains less fat than regular provolone. For example, Sargento Reduced Fat Provolone. It comes sliced and contains 30% lesser fat.

Added Ingredients

Some provolone cheeses are also processed with other ingredients, such as food coloring, preservatives, condiments including herbs, garlic, onions, and chives. These can be toxic to dogs and should be avoided (3).

Sodium Content

Provolone cheese contains a fair amount of sodium and is salty. If your dog has kidney problems, you should avoid giving him this type of cheese. The expert recommends that dogs should consume more than 100 mg sodium per 100 calories of food.

A standard slice (1-ounce) of provolone contains about 100 calories, but it has 245 mg of sodium. So, if your dog eats more than a few slices per day, he will be consuming too much sodium.

Can Cats Eat Provolone Cheese?

Yes, cats can eat provolone cheese. Similar to dogs, it should be given as an occasional treat. It’s nutritious and is also low-lactose for cats.


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