Which is Better: Provolone or Swiss Cheese?

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When it comes to cheese, there are a lot of different opinions. Some people prefer provolone, while others think that Swiss cheese is the best option. So, which is better: Provolone or Swiss Cheese?

In this blog post, we will take a look at the pros and cons of both cheeses so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you!

Provolone Cheese:

Pros: Provolone is a flavorful cheese that has a creamy texture. It pairs well with both savory and sweet dishes, making it a versatile option for your next meal. Generally less expensive than Swiss cheese.

Cons: Some people find provolone to be too strong or salty.

Swiss Cheese:

Pros: Swiss cheese is a classic choice that has a mild flavor and a slightly nutty taste. It also pairs well with both savory and sweet dishes, making it a versatile option.

Cons: Swiss cheese can be expensive and some people find the flavor to be bland. Additionally, it doesn’t have as much of a sharp as provolone cheese.


Both Swiss and Provolone cheese are made from cow’s milk. They are both semi-hard cheeses that have a long shelf life. Swiss cheese is typically aged for around 10 months, while provolone can be aged for up to 18 months.

Both Swiss and Provolone cheese has a creamy texture. However, Swiss cheese is typically smoother than provolone, which can be a little grainy. The color of both cheeses is also similar, with a light yellow hue. Swiss cheese has its signature holes, while provolone cheese is smooth with no holes.


Both Swiss and Provolone cheese have a somewhat mild flavor. However, Swiss cheese has a slightly nutty taste that some people prefer over the sharp flavor of provolone. Additionally, Swiss cheese has a sweeter flavor than provolone.

The flavor of Provolone can be strong or salty, depending on the variety.


Swiss cheese is thought to have originated in the canton of Schwyz, which is located in central Switzerland. It is believed that the first Swiss cheese was made sometime in the 13th century.

Provolone cheese has a shorter history than Swiss cheese. It is thought to have originated in Southern Italy and dates back to at least the 16th century.


Swiss cheese is typically more expensive than provolone cheese. This is because Swiss cheese is a popular choice and some varieties have a longer aging process.


Swiss cheese is made by adding rennet and starter cultures to cow’s milk. This causes the heated milk to form into curds, which are then cut and stirred. The curds are placed in molds, pressed, and aged, which gives Swiss cheese its distinctive holes.

Provolone cheese is also made from cow’s milk. The first phase is pretty much the same. The curds are then strained and pressed to form the curd mass. The curds are then gone through pasta filata or stretched-curd to give the cheese its characteristic smooth texture as mozzarella. Then, the cheese is shaped into a sausage or pear shape with knobs, and finally, it is brined and aged.

Serve and use

Swiss cheese is a popular choice for fondue. It can also be used in dishes like quiche, soup, and salad. Provolone cheese is most commonly used in Italian cuisine. It can be used in dishes like pizza, pasta, and calzone.


Both Swiss and Provolone cheese are high in calcium and protein. Swiss cheese also contains vitamin B6, while provolone cheese has a higher amount of sodium – salty – almost 4x higher than Swiss cheese.

According to the USDA FoodData Central’s nutrition data provided by Google, the nutrition for both of these cheeses are similar, so you can’t technically say one is better or healthier for you than the other.


Is there a difference between Swiss and Provolone cheese?

Yes, there are several differences between these two types of cheeses. Swiss cheese is made in Switzerland and has a milder flavor and a slightly nutty taste. Provolone cheese is made in Italy and has a sharper flavor. Additionally, Swiss cheese is typically smoother than provolone, while provolone can be grainy. Swiss cheese also has holes in it, while provolone does not.

Can you substitute Swiss with provolone?

Yes, you can substitute Swiss cheese with provolone in most dishes. However, the flavor and texture of each cheese may be slightly different than the other. Provolone is also readily available in markets, so it may be easier to find. They both give good melting, while provolone is chewier and tastes a bit saltier and less sweet.

Which one is better?

That’s up to personal preference. Some people prefer the mild flavor of Swiss cheese, while others enjoy the sharpness of provolone cheese.

How long do they last?

Swiss and Provolone cheese has a good shelf life. They will both last for quite a while in the fridge, as in asiago storage.

Do they have to be refrigerated?

Yes, both Swiss and Provolone cheese need to be refrigerated. This is because they are made with milk and other ingredients that spoil quickly at room temperature.


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