Provolone: How to Eat?

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Provolone cheese is a type of Italian cheese that can be enjoyed in many different ways. There are two main types of provolone – dolce (sweet) and piccante (spicy). In this blog post, we will discuss the best way to enjoy each variety of provolone.

We will also provide popular recipes to use provolone.

Flavor Profile – Taste Provolone First

The flavor profile for dolce and piccante provolone is somewhat different. Provolone is a spun paste cheese. Think of it like mozzarella but tangier and nutty.

The dolce variety is perfect for boosting flavors for sandwiches and salad. It also has a mild-mellow flavor that pairs well with many different toppings.

The piccante variety is great for casseroles and pizza. It has a sharper, more intense flavor when melted. So, it’s great for dishes that need a bit more of a kick. Piccante is also commonly used as a table cheese – as part of a cheese plate.

Dolce provolone is aged for 2-3 months and has a sweet and creamy taste, while piccante provolone is typically aged for 6-12 months and is spicy and tangy. Therefore, it is important to consider how you will be serving the cheese when choosing between these two varieties.

How to Use Provolone – Serve It the Right Way

Now that you know the difference between dolce and piccante provolone, let’s discuss how to best serve each variety.

For dolce provolone, we recommend enjoying it as part of a sandwich. Some great recipes to try include:

  • Chicken salad sandwich with provolone
  • Roast beef and provolone with horseradish sauce on a baguette
  • Smoked turkey, provolone, and strawberry jam on whole-wheat toast
  • Grilled cheese with provolone, mozzarella, and tomato on sourdough bread

For piccante provolone, we recommend using it in dishes that need a stronger kick. Some great recipes to try include:

  • Pizza with pepperoni, provolone, sausage, and red onions
  • Spinach, provolone, and artichoke dip
  • Provolone lasagna with Italian sausage and ricotta cheese
  • Macaroni and cheese with ham and bacon
  • Grilled chicken provolone casserole

Serving & Sizing

When serving dolce provolone, we recommend serving it as it is (uncooked) by slicing it into thin pieces so that you can enjoy the subtle and creamy flavor. Piccante provolone is best enjoyed in chunks or melted in the main dishes.

Some Popular Provolone Recipes People Raving

Provoleta – Grilled provolone with bread, sausage, and beef.

Baked Provolone – Baking provolone with tomatoes, marjoram, and balsamic.

Chicken Provolone – Chicken provolone with basil and prosciutto.

Provolone Pizza – Onion provolone pizza with mozzarella.

Provolone Sandwich – Whole-grain bread tomato sandwich with melted provolone and tarragon-garlic mayo.

Philly Cheesesteak Casserole – Ground beef provolone with green bell pepper, mushroom, cream cheese.

Italian Ziti Bake – Ziti baked with provolone, red wine, and crushed tomatoes.

Final Thoughts

Dolce provolone is a great choice for those who want a creamy and sweet taste in their sandwich. Piccante provolone is perfect for those who want a spicy and intense flavor in their dish. Consider both options when choosing your next cheese to enjoy!

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