Is Mozzarella Dairy-free?

Is mozzarella a dairy product? Yes, it sure is.

Mozzarella, like many other cheeses, is made naturally from milk. So, mozzarella is not dairy-free.

In fact, mozzarella is first from buffalo’s milk in Italy, which later people from around the globe started to use other milk, such as cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk, and even camel milk to make the cheese.

And thus different in the taste.

You can read my comparison of mozzarella vs hard cheese parmesan here.

For those who allergic to milk product, it could also be due to the presence of casein and whey. I discussed deeper in this article here for dairy-free alternatives.

Dairy-free not equal to Lactose-free. Any different?

They may sound the same, but they do not mean the same thing. Lactose is sugar naturally present in the milk.

Lactose-free milk means taking away lactose sugar molecules, but how? By an enzyme called lactase. So, it is great for lactose intolerance. But the milk does not necessarily mean dairy-free. Casein milk protein, for example, still present in the milk.

Therefore if your body react strangely to milk, a lactose-free mozzarella won’t help. See my this article about 5 reasons you could be allergic to cheese.

Where to get dairy-free mozzarella?

So what exactly is dairy free mozzarella then?

They were the same but instead of animal milk, it uses alternatives such as soy’s milk, seeds, nuts, algae, vegetables, and other plant-based ingredients as replacement.

It’s great for people with lactose intolerance and dairy allergy, and also good for vegetarians and free of gluten.

One of the examples would be this mozzarella shreds I found on Amazon.

The cheese made using ingredients such as the tapioca, arrowroot flours, pea protein and canola/safflower oil. Plus, It’s all vegan, tho not lactose-free. This product received lots of mixed reviews as the company uses a new formula which isn’t in the liking for some.

Nonetheless, do not expect have unrealistic expectations that this will taste exactly like mozzarella.

For those who would like to have a beginner all-in-one pack to make your own mozzarella at home.

Click the image on the left.

This mozzarella mix do contain flours and red sea algae in it. The product is for vegan and doesn’t contain soy or gluten, however, not lactose-free.

Hey, before you go.

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