Kefalotyri vs. Pecorino Romano: Similarities and Differences

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What do you know about kefalotyri cheese? It’s a variety of hard, white cheese that is used in many Greek dishes. You may be wondering if it is the same as Pecorino Romano. Below we will explore these two kinds of cheese for their similarities and differences.

Kefalotyri and Pecorino Romano are not the same. However, it serves as one of the best Kefalotyri substitutions.

Flavor Profile and Features

Pecorino Romano is a hard, salty cheese that has a sharp flavor. It is made from sheep’s milk and has a crumbly texture. Kefalotyri cheese is also hard and white, but it has a milder flavor than Pecorino Romano. It is made with goat or sheep milk and has a slightly creamier texture.

Kefalotyri is produced in Greece, while Pecorino Romano is from Italy. Pecorino Romano is aged for at least 5 months, while Kefalotyri can be aged for up to two years.

Both cheeses are made in much the same way and they both have a similar texture, but Kefalotyri is milder than Pecorino Romano since it’s not as sharp tasting.

History and Origin

Pecorino is a type of cheese that originates from Italy. The best-known pecorinos are Pecorino Romano, which comes from Rome, and Pecorino Sardo, which comes from Sardinia. In other parts of Europe, there are also varieties such as Fiore Sardo from Corsica or Caciocavallo Podolico from Southern Italy.

Kefalotyri is a type of cheese that originates from Greece. The history of Kefalotyri cheese can be traced back to the Byzantine period.

The Production Differences

Both cheeses are made in much the same way. Kefalotyri is an acid-curled cheese where the cheesemakers will add additional acid to lower the pH, together with rennet and bacteria cultures. Whereas, Pecorino Romano did not use additional acid during the production. That also affects the meltability of the Kefalotyri.

Serve and Use

Pecorino Romano is used as an ingredient for dishes that need a salty, sharp flavor. It can also be enjoyed by itself as a snack. Kefalotyri is milder than Pecorino Romano, so it’s best used in recipes where you want the cheese to be the main flavor.

An example would be in Grilled Cheese with Kefalotyri and Prosciutto.


Both cheeses are high in calcium and protein. Kefalotyri is a good source of vitamin A (USDA). Pecorino Romano has more sodium than kefalotyri (USDA).

So, what’s the verdict? They may not be the same cheese, but kefalotyri makes a great substitute for Pecorino Romano and vice versa.

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