Aaron Ekblad

Provolone Vs. Fontina

There are many different kinds of cheeses, with different flavors and textures. Some cheeses are harder than others, and some have a stronger flavor than others. Two popular types of cheese are provolone and fontina. But what’s the difference between them? Are they the same? Why are they so popular? Let’s find out. Are they …

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Is Kefalotyri Cheese Healthy?

Kefalotyri tastes amazing when served with saganaki. But is kefalotyri healthy? Many people think so, while others have their doubts about its health benefits. Some say that this type of cheese could be high in cholesterol. Is that true? Is kefalotyri healthy enough to eat on a regular basis? We’ll find out below. Is kefalotyri …

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Kefalotyri Cheese Nutrition Fact

The kefalotyri cheese is an aged sheep’s milk cheese that originated in Greece. This hard, salty cheese is made with unpasteurized milk and has a high-fat content. Kefalotyri can be served as either a table or cooking cheese. The nutritional value of this cheese varies depending on how it’s aged. Therefore, I took the mean …

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