Use Asiago In Mac and Cheese? Yes or no.

Can you or should you really use asiago cheese in mac and cheese? The answer is pretty straightforward.

If you are looking for a quick answer – Yes! you can use asiago in mac and cheese without any problem. Asiago melts very well in mac and cheese and It’s not too runny (the thickness is just right) which is similar to parmesan, you can learn more in my previous article here.

Though people don’t normally use asiago in mac and cheese, the more common options are cheddar, gouda or gruyere, which tend gives you a sharper and stronger flavor overall to cope with the bland taste. Substitute that with asiago or parmesan – It is pure luxurious! It gives you a less sharp but more complex flavor (similar to parmesan), that is more of nutty, rich and umami taste. That said, It tastes awesome to me, but it all goes down to your taste buds to judge.

Not to mention, asiago has an immerse richness aftertaste which go super well with soup, crackers, pasta or pizza. Put that in your old-fashioned mac and cheese, that’s fancy!

Be noted that the age of asiago will be a factor to consider too. There are typically a few type of aged asiago, one is below 8-9 months, and the others are up to 18 months. Check on the label before buying. The older the cheese get, the sharper and more flavorful it would be. Whereas, the younger one tend to be sweeter, creamier and milder.

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